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I. Definition: (rank multiple answers in order of importance)

1. Budget range:

2. Approximate number of pages (or sections) in site with brief description of each:

3. What is the primary service or product of your organization?

4. What is the single purpose and short-term goals of the web site?

5. What are the long-term goals of the web site?

6. Who are the primary intended audiences?

7. Who are possible secondary (but potentially valuable) audiences?

8. Why will people visit your site?

9. Why will people return to your site?


II. User Scenario:

1. Describe your ideal potential web site user. (i.e. core audience - age, background, etc.)

2. Describe a typical user experience on the web site. For instance, what information would you like the user to obtain? (Include major subject headings.) Would you like to collect information from the user, sell products, register, log on, search for information, buy a specific product, send their email address, call for more information, etc.)


III. Competitive Analysis: (minimum of one)

1. List your top competitors web sites. (or sites you like, if none)





2. List features you like about the above listed web sites.

IV. Special Features Needed:

Advanced Animation (DHTML, Flash) [?]
Streaming Video
Database Integration
Secure Server (SSL)
Bulk E-mail/Mailing List Management
User Editable Page(s)
Banner Advertising Management
Internet Marketing


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